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Classic Car Shows – Best in June 2017

The summertime is peak season for classic car shows, and June 2017 is no exception, with a wealth of events scheduled up and down the UK for the weekends.

Come rain or shine, motoring enthusiasts will be out in force to see prime examples of classic cars from years gone by, and our handy guide should help you find a classic car show near you.

Beaulieu gets set for second Simply Aston Martin show

The automotive museum at Beaulieu will have a helping hand from Aston Martin enthusiasts for its upcoming Simply Aston Martin show, which is due to take place for only its second year on Sunday April 2nd.

On that day, examples of the British sports car ranging from newly produced showroom vehicles to classic pre-war cars will be rolling through the gates of Beaulieu to form a one-day exhibit of over 350 Astons.

Is Lamborghini Really Building the World’s First Electric Supercar?

An electric-powered Lamborgini?!

Well, we never. We never thought we’d see the day that is… One of the superiors of supercars would venture into the realm of electric-powered motoring. But, we could well stand corrected, as leaked rumours have flooded the internet. Lamborghini has supposedly started work on the world’s first ever electric supercar… With a little help from its corporate cousins over at Porsche, of course.

So where exactly have these wild and wonderful rumours emerged from? Well, we’ve got the scoop. It’s all down to reports from the German magazine Autobild. Thanks boys – you’ve got us all revved up now!

Motorists’ Most-Wanted: 350 Special-Edition Ferraris to Be Revealed at Paris Motor Show

Paris Motor Show – The Countdown Begins!

We’re already gearing up for the Paris Motor Show this October, and now we’ve heard this news, we’re getting even more revved up. It’s been revealed that superstars of supercars Ferrari will reveal 350 stunning special-edition models in celebration of its 70th anniversary.

The announcement, made in mid-June, was to a select group of 100 Ferrari owners and collectors who competed in the prestigious Ferrari Cavalcade in Venice, Italy.

Frankfurt Motor Show 2015: The Story So Far

The flag’s gone down on the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show and it’s already off to a thrilling start. As specialists in luxury car transport, we have been counting down the days – but even if you’re not a huge petrol-head, the sheer scale of Frankfurt will make you sit up in your driving seat. With an array of sensational new cars and thrilling concepts, it’s an epic experience in its own right – and here are some of the highlights so far.

Ontime Car Transportation Helps The Real Car Co at the RREC Rally

Ontime Automotive recently served as the car transportation partner for The Real Car Co at the RREC Annual Rally for the third year.

This time around, the three-day event took place at Burghley House in Stamford, having moved on from its 2013-14 home at Rockingham Castle, and Ontime were on hand to make sure The Real Car Co’s fleet were all in place ahead of the start of the weekend’s festivities.

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