Motorists’ Most-Wanted: 350 Special-Edition Ferraris to Be Revealed at Paris Motor Show

Paris Motor Show – The Countdown Begins!

We’re already gearing up for the Paris Motor Show this October, and now we’ve heard this news, we’re getting even more revved up. It’s been revealed that superstars of supercars Ferrari will reveal 350 stunning special-edition models in celebration of its 70th anniversary.

The announcement, made in mid-June, was to a select group of 100 Ferrari owners and collectors who competed in the prestigious Ferrari Cavalcade in Venice, Italy.

70 Handpicked Models from History

The exciting move has seen the firm handpick 70 of its most iconic cars throughout history, each of which has inspired special editions of the five cars in the current model range.

Enrico Galliera, Ferrari’s marketing and commercial boss, said: “The whole team at Maranello went back through the 70-year history of the company and tried to identify the most iconic cars of the past in the history of the company, the most iconic exteriors, the most iconic interiors.

“This means we are going to be producing and delivering 350 unique pieces. Every single car will be unique.” Looks like someone will be in need of some luxury car transport this autumn!

We’ve Got Our Eye on the 488 GTB

So what does this mean? That Paris-bound motoring enthusiasts will be greeted by 70 special-edition versions of the California T convertible, the 488 Spider, the 488 GTB coupe, the F12 berlinetta coupe and the new GTC4Lusso respectively.

It’s also been sensationally revealed that the cars would be made through Ferrari’s famous Tailor-Made division and “feature the highest technology and design capability of the company”.

Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne addressed the over-demand for special editions at the Cavalcade closing dinner, saying his work with Galliera on determining who receives which cars was “probably the most difficult part of what I do”.

“It is painful, it is something I wish I did not have to do, but it is required by the brand, and so if there is anyone in this audience here I might have mistreated in this process I apologise upfront. Just keep in mind these limited edition cars will come again and we will make sure we will remedy any wrong doings at that time.”

What’s On Your Wishlist?

Ferrari’s most recent special-edition model, the F12tdf, has been well-received, with some reports saying values have already doubled despite only some of the 799 units having been delivered to buyers.

Alas for most of us, these cars will only ever be on the wish-list but for eye-candy, they’re thoroughly enjoyable to all. Which one would you have your heart set on? Let us know!


If you already own a special-edition Ferrari, or you’ll be buying one in Paris and you need it shipped home, give us a call on 01295 770040.


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