Car Shows and Events: How Ontime Automotive Ensures Your Vehicle Arrives in Style

If you and your vehicle are attending a car show, you want it to arrive in pristine condition. That’s why it matters so much to use a trusted automotive transport specialist like Ontime Automotive.

Our uniformed drivers and liveried car transporters make the right first impression on arrival, but crucially we also do everything before and during transportation, and during unload, to make sure that your vehicle is ready to take the stand.

Whether it’s a prototype or concept car for display at a motor show, a production model on its way to a commercial car exhibition, or you need storage and transportation of demonstrator models for the press, we can help.

Commitment to Quality Car Transport

We pride ourselves on offering the best automotive transport services available, using a number of different methods to get your car there looking at its best:

Covered Car Transporters

Our covered car transporters keep top-secret prototypes and demonstration models away from prying eyes, and help to reduce the risk of attempted theft or malicious damage by the basic principle of “out of sight, out of mind”.

On-Site Support at Car Events

We don’t just deliver. Our professional, uniformed personnel can continue to provide on-site support at car events if you need it. We can help with stand setup and teardown, as well as keeping your vehicle sparkling clean throughout the show.

Secure Storage with CCTV

If you need us to store your vehicle before or after the show, or you want us to store a fleet of promotional and demonstrator vehicles to provide to interested journalists you meet at car events, we can do that, complete with on-site guards and remote CCTV monitoring.

Stress-Free Automotive Transport

You shouldn’t need to worry about the way we treat your vehicle while it’s our responsibility, which is why Ontime Automotive commit to a variety of ‘best practice’ standards:

No Engine Needed

We can load and unload your vehicle without the need to turn it on. For classic cars and collector’s items, we appreciate that you might not want to run the engine to get to and from car events – so we make sure you don’t have to.

End-to-End Tracking

We offer OEM system integration, allowing us to provide you with vehicle tracking at every stage from collection to delivery, ideal when taking demonstrator vehicles to car shows.

Battery Charging En Route

We can charge your vehicle’s battery during transportation, to ensure that it does not run flat during delivery. This includes the ability to charge EV batteries in our dedicated electric car transporters, so that the vehicle is delivered with maximum range remaining.

Find Out More

We work on many of the biggest car shows in the UK and internationally, so if you need to get your vehicles to a future event on the annual calendar, there’s a good chance Ontime Automotive will already have some involvement in delivering cars to the show.

If you’re arranging automotive transport for upcoming car events, or you’d just like to ask us anything about our car transport services, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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