Legendary TV Cars Up For Sale

Try to name a classic TV show with a covered car transporter in every episode, and there’s not many options – in fact most people, if not everybody, would come up with the same answer.

You have to go back to September 1982 for the first broadcast of Knight Rider, one of the greatest shows ever made, and one in which the vehicles were as much the stars as the actors themselves.

What’s on at the Geneva Motor show 2015

Petrol heads the world over are revving their engines for the Geneva Motor Show 2015, which takes place from 5th till 15th March 2015. The show, which is now in its 85th year, celebrates the best in motoring that the world has to offer, and unveils new models from some of the world’s best car manufacturers. As specialists in transporting luxury cars, Ontime Automotive are no strangers to motor shows. Here we run down some of the more eye-catching and exciting cars that are being featured at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

4 most anticipated cars of 2015


As we enter the final months of 2014, car manufacturers around the world are unveiling their models for the upcoming year.

Innovations and upgrades are being made in all sectors of the automotive market – and while it’s impossible to choose a ‘top’ four from such a wide range, here are four of the biggest developments across the different categories. As specialists in luxury and international car transport, we see our fare share of some of the world’s best cars, but that doesn’t stop us from getting exited about next year’s new models. Here’s our countdown of the ones to watch for 2015.

Car Transportation: The New Age

final Heavy

We’re living in the 21st century now, and automotive engineering is going in several directions at once.

There’s the supercars of course, which seem to pack an ever increasing amount of horsepower under the hood, and there’s the eco-friendly hybrids, which seem to get an ever increasing number of miles out of a few batteries and a mains electricity plug.

In some cases there’s both – the Tesla Roadster hits 60mph in 3.7 seconds, with zero emissions and a range of over 200 miles on full charge.

Self-Driving Cars


What does the future hold? It’s one of life’s great mysteries, but for petrolheads the good news is that there are always new models of car coming on to the market, giving us something to read about, watch on TV, and try to get a turn behind the wheel of.

But one development might stop us from doing the last of those things, because the ‘car of the future’ may ultimately not need a driver at all.

That sadly doesn’t mean we can expect to see a vehicle like Total Recall’s Johnny Cab taking to the streets anytime soon – and a plastic chauffeur probably isn’t in the works at all – but it might mean that in the years to come, we will all be passengers.

Perfect Cars For Summer

Every rainy day of the British summer has people fretting that autumn is here already – but if you’re smart, you know that there’s a good chance of sunny days until well into September.

In recent years we’ve even had autumnal heatwaves, bringing a week of strong sunshine and above-average temperatures as late as October.

When the weather forecast turns positive, there’s few better feelings than to jump into your car and take a drive through the countryside, or down to the coast – and here’s our pick of the best vehicles for the job.

The Best Road Trips In The World

road trip

There is only one road trip that tops every shortlist of the best in the world – Route 66, America’s Mother Road that crosses the USA from Chicago to California.

But putting Route 66 to one side, what else ranks among the best road trips in the world? If you’re planning to hit the road, here’s our pick of the best…

1. Australia’s Pacific Coast

Australia is a country of epic proportions, with its own fair share of road trips that take in sections of its coastline.

The Pacific Coast route is almost 1,000km in length, stretching from Sydney to Brisbane along the Central and North Coast regions, and with a selection of scenery, towns and villages to visit along the way.

Expect to spend eight days on the road – and thanks to Australia’s southern hemisphere location, this is one road trip you might want to do during the UK’s wintertime.

The Most Luxurious Cars In The World

“Could you be… the most beautiful car in the world…?” We’ve all had that moment where we saw a thing of true beauty, a vehicle so perfectly designed that we fell in love with it in an instant. As specialists in luxury car transport, we have those moments on a daily basis.

But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and one person’s Koenigsegg is another man’s Kia, so which are the undisputed rulers of looks and luxury alike?

For once, we’ll try to steer clear of stripped-back supercars, which are more about performance than comfort; we’re interested in the truly, almost inappropriately luxurious vehicles of the motoring world.

The Most Economical Supercar


Supercars are not known for their great fuel economy or strong emissions performance, but a new breed of vehicles is changing all of that.

Hybrid hypercars have the potential to combine supercar looks with unparalleled fuel efficiency – and they’re more than just a pipe dream.

We’ve mentioned the Volkswagen XL1 before, but it’s worth a second look.