International Car Transport

Taking Your Car Abroad? Make Sure You’re Covered!

The Great British Summer is that time of year when we’re all inspired to pack up our cars and hit the road, conquering the continent by road. Then the unthinkable happens – your car breaks down.

If you haven’t specifically arranged European breakdown cover (and if your policy doesn’t cover it) then Vehicle repatriation is your best hope for salvaging your summer holiday – and your precious car.

Relocating? Make Life Easier with Car Shipping and More Tips

Relocating your home takes planning, logistics and hard work. Make life easier by enlisting a car shipping service.

Whether you’re like the suave Fresh Prince moving to Bel Air, or a little more like the Clampetts loading up the truck and making a break for Beverley, there will be a to-do list as long as your arm when you’re planning on relocating. It’s best to begin the next chapter of your life in a new home with as few extra chores as possible – and that’s where car shipping comes in.

Why Use Car Transport? Shipping a Car vs. Driving Yourself

Going Cross-Country? Consider Car Transport

We all know that driving comes with its own set of pleasures. Taking a trip cross-country can seem like a holiday in itself – driving across hills and stunning landscapes, drinking in the view…. But when it comes to car transport for any reason at all, driving your car yourself across any vast distance is not the most efficient means of shipping your vehicle.

So how do the two methods stack up? OnTime is here to tell you.

Europe’s Best (Unheard Of!) Driving Roads

International Car Transport, to Anywhere in Europe…

A quick search for Europe’s best driving roads and it’s clear there are a few frontrunners – with the same names thrown up time and time again. Though stretches such as Romania’s Transfagarasan Highway, the Stelvio Pass and Route Napolean are all mighty great lengths of road; alas, their fame fast became their downfall.

It seems after any road enjoys its 15-minutes (or 45, if awarded a segment on Top Gear) the fun of the drive soon dwindles. Many of Europe’s most-commonly commended roads are now bursting with the bustle of tourists trundling along in rentals… Or worse, ruining your sprightly run with speed traps and spontaneously-appearing Polizia – but Team OnTime has the answer.

Here’s a list of Europe’s 5 Best Driving Roads – roads that are unheard of, uncluttered and unspoilt. And remember, if they’re a little far away, we’ve got your international car transport covered, so all you need to worry about it getting yourself there – not your car.


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