Why Use Car Transport? Shipping a Car vs. Driving Yourself

Going Cross-Country? Consider Car Transport

We all know that driving comes with its own set of pleasures. Taking a trip cross-country can seem like a holiday in itself – driving across hills and stunning landscapes, drinking in the view…. But when it comes to car transport for any reason at all, driving your car yourself across any vast distance is not the most efficient means of shipping your vehicle.

So how do the two methods stack up? OnTime is here to tell you.

Safe and Secure

When driving your vehicle for any long distance, both you and your wheels become susceptible to any number of threats and security issues. From road accidents to breakdowns, a whole host of undesirable scenarios is possible – and any one of these will be costly. Not only that, driving your car thousands of miles from one destination to the next will generally place a lot of unnecessary strain on a potentially pristine engine. And yes, just think about that rising mileage.

If you’re looking for a safe way to ship your car across the country, then it’s likely that a covered vehicle transport service is just the thing you need.

Costs… Add ‘Em All Up!

When you’re deciding between shipping your car or driving it yourself, it can seem that DIY (see what we did there?) is the less expensive option. Alas, think again! Long distance travel costs add up quickly, particularly when you’ve factored in accommodation costs, fuel and food. Remember the last time you stopped for a burger at a service station? It’s a surprise if you get change from a ten-pound note.

What else is surprising is the true cost of car transport services. They’re actually very cost-effective – to get a quote for a car or journey, simply give us a call and see if we can surprise you!


Whether or not you have a taste for adventure, shipping your car across the country just isn’t a convenient means of transportation. One of the benefits of using a car transporter is that you have an industry that prides itself on its professionalism and precision behind you.

The car shipping industry is a £9 billion industry that seeks to safely move cars, motorbikes, models and prototypes with little inconvenience to each proud owner. From covered to classic to international car transport, OnTime will always have your back.

For more information about any of our services, contact the OnTime team on 01295 770 040.

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