Relocating? Make Life Easier with Car Shipping and More Tips

Relocating your home takes planning, logistics and hard work. Make life easier by enlisting a car shipping service.

Whether you’re like the suave Fresh Prince moving to Bel Air, or a little more like the Clampetts loading up the truck and making a break for Beverley, there will be a to-do list as long as your arm when you’re planning on relocating. It’s best to begin the next chapter of your life in a new home with as few extra chores as possible – and that’s where car shipping comes in.

By using a car shipping company, some of your bulkiest items will be wrapped up and taken care of. Your family’s vehicles will be handled with professional care and attention, arriving safely at your destination. They could even be there ready and waiting for you to make your move as seamless as possible.

Now that you’ve arranged the car transport, what else is there to do?

So, so much. When relocating, remember the three Ps. Prep, purge and pack, early. Now is the best time streamline what you own. Get rid of or give away everything you don’t need anymore. That way there’s less to store. And pack. And label. And unpack. And dust.

The better, more efficient, tighter job you do of packing, the easier it will be to move into your new home. Well-packed boxes practically unpack themselves. We think.

Get your label-maker out

Try labelling your boxes, not just with their contents but also the specific room to which they should be delivered in your new home. You could even get really specific and label them with the piece of furniture they go in… It depends how great your removals team is! Fortunately, as you’ve already sorted out your car shipping, you won’t have to worry about sticking Post-Its with ‘Garage’ written on all over your car.

Now’s also a great time to take a home inventory. In the same way that you should document the condition of your vehicles before shipment, you should catalogue the valuable contents of your home and garage. After all, this is a rare chance to review all that you own and such a listing is very helpful for insurance purposes both during the move and ever after.

Good thing you entrusted your cars to a professional partner

The team here at OnTime would be delighted to take care of your cars, just like they were our own. We know you’re probably crazy-busy planning for the big move, so allow us to offload a big part of your to-do list. Call us on 01295 770040 to obtain a quick, free quote to see how cost-effective shipping your car can really be.


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