EU sports car transportation and vehicle repatriation after Brexit

As the final days tick down before the scheduled departure of the UK from the EU on March 29th 2019, we are urging all of our customers to take full advantage of our EU sports car transportation and vehicle repatriation services after Brexit, at least until the full outcomes of the process are known.

Drivers are still in the dark as to whether or not there will be a deal agreed to let UK motorists drive in EU member states – however, either way it is likely that you will need extra documentation if you want to drive on EU roads after Brexit.

The government’s current guidance (correct at the time of writing, although this may change as the Brexit departure date approaches) is that all British drivers may need an international driving permit after March 29th, and vehicle registration plates displaying the EU flag may need to be replaced or updated using a GB sticker.

Of course if you are driving to a non-EU country on the continent but have to pass through EU member states, you would also need to update your registration plates and hold the correct documentation too.

Plan for no-deal with EU sports car transportation services

Our EU sports car transportation services can get you to where you need to go, regardless of your own driving licence, IDP or other documentation, and our covered car transporters can also get vehicles to their destination if your registration plate is non-compliant after Brexit.

Whatever happens on March 29th, Ontime Automotive will of course make sure that all of our drivers are fully licensed and approved to drive on EU roads, so you can have peace of mind that your vehicle is transported safely in line with any new or prevailing legislation after that date.

If your final destination in Europe is not an EU member state, covered car transportation can get your vehicle there without you having to personally worry about complying with EU driving laws, while for track days and other events that take place away from public roads, you may not need to comply as long as your vehicle is transported there and not driven under its own power.

EU vehicle repatriation after Brexit

Finally if you have vehicles on the continent – for example parked at a holiday home – and need to return them to the UK before or immediately after Brexit, our EU vehicle repatriation service can help.

Again, we use covered car transportation to move your vehicle from its current location on the continent back to your home or other delivery address in the UK, keeping it protected throughout the journey and without clocking up any extra miles under its own power.

We also offer EU breakdown vehicle repatriation for cars that are not currently drivable or which break down during a journey – this can allow you to have repair work done in the UK by trusted mechanics and with a clearer idea of the total cost.

For more information about any of our vehicle transportation services in the EU please don’t hesitate to get in touch whether before or after Brexit, and as the final departure deal (or lack of) becomes clear.

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