What is road freight and why should you choose it?

When you need to move goods (e.g. luxury cars, classic cars or full-scale clay prototypes) over land, road freight transport is an easy option.

Road freight logistics can get cargo between almost any two points. This includes crossing to the continent via ferry or Eurostar, and similar crossings elsewhere around the world.

Along with air freight and sea freight, road freight completes the standard set of ways to move goods – and is one of the most versatile ways to do so right down to the ‘final mile’.

What is road freight logistics?

Road freight logistics simply means moving goods by road. At Ontime, those goods are usually sports cars, new models or manufacturers’ prototypes, but road freight can carry almost anything you can load on to a lorry.

Once loaded up, the HGV or car transporter drives to the destination and the cargo is unloaded again. That might be within the same town, an hour down the motorway, or thousands of miles away in a different country or continent.

Road freight logistics can be favourable for several reasons, including the convenience of not needing an airport or ferry terminal, and keeping the goods on the one same vehicle for the duration of the journey.

How does road freight work?

In Ontime’s case, when you send a car by road freight we will arrive in an appropriate transporter vehicle, load it up carefully and drive it to its destination address.

We have covered car transporters to keep your vehicle out of sight during its journey, as well as state-of-the-art electric car transporters that can charge your battery en route.

If you would like to know more about how we will transport your vehicle, just ask. We welcome all enquiries and are happy to help you understand better how road freight works.

How long does road freight transport take?

Road freight transport is the slower option, but this is reflected in the cost, and there’s usually an element of road freight used in any delivery (unless you choose to collect your car at an airport or ferry port).

The distance between the start and end point, the condition of the roads along the way, and even unpredictable variables like traffic and roadworks can all influence the total delivery time.

By choosing an experienced and reputable road freight provider like Ontime, you can trust that our estimated delivery times will be as accurate as possible, unless any extreme circumstances arise.

How much does road freight cost?

Road freight is typically significantly cheaper than air freight – a trade-off for the extra time taken to deliver goods by road over longer distances.

Again, it depends on what you want to transport, how quickly you need it to get there, and how far away the destination address is located.

We would be happy to provide you with a tailored quote if you have a specific road freight logistics query – just get in touch to let us know what you need, and we’ll give you a cost estimate upfront.

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