Europe’s Best (Unheard Of!) Driving Roads

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A quick search for Europe’s best driving roads and it’s clear there are a few frontrunners – with the same names thrown up time and time again. Though stretches such as Romania’s Transfagarasan Highway, the Stelvio Pass and Route Napolean are all mighty great lengths of road; alas, their fame fast became their downfall.

It seems after any road enjoys its 15-minutes (or 45, if awarded a segment on Top Gear) the fun of the drive soon dwindles. Many of Europe’s most-commonly commended roads are now bursting with the bustle of tourists trundling along in rentals… Or worse, ruining your sprightly run with speed traps and spontaneously-appearing Polizia – but Team OnTime has the answer.

Here’s a list of Europe’s 5 Best Driving Roads – roads that are unheard of, uncluttered and unspoilt. And remember, if they’re a little far away, we’ve got your international car transport covered, so all you need to worry about it getting yourself there – not your car.


5. Hungary’s Felsőtárkány to Lillafüred

Hungary’s hidden gem takes you along one of the country’s most scenic routes, through a stunning national park that’s free from the flotsam and jetsam of urban roads. The road itself is a curvy number, with smooth, fat tarmac that gives a sumptuous drive – particularly near Lillafüred, where it’s most recently been laid.

This beautiful, winding route will reward you with outstanding views of thick forest. It’s a relaxing motoring experience that’ll put you right in touch with Mother Nature.


4. Nebida – Buggeru, South West Sardinia

This gorgeous coastal stretch passes golden beaches and rocky alcoves, taking you through a series of twisty turns and tunnels. As the road works its way along Italy’s craggy landscape, expect breath-taking views of cobalt blue skies and seas.

At only 19km, it’s not too long, and with this one, timing is everything – plan your drive in the early evening to enjoy a truly spectacular sunset.


3. Gaberl Mountain Pass in Austria

The B77 takes you from Koflach to the upper Mur River valley, running next to the Stubalpe. It’s 30 jam-packed miles of purely magical driving; expect steep, narrow valleys, tight hairpin turns and long, sweeping bends, combined with a thrilling climb of approximately 3,000ft.

This road will leave you with your head in the clouds and facing some seriously superb views of the Alps. It’s the Romans we have to thank for this one – and if there’s one thing those guys did well, it’s roads.


2. Sparta to Kalamarta via Mount Taygetus in Greece

If you’re looking to put your car’s engine to the test, the 60km of uphill climb to the Langada Pass will do just the trick. When you make it to the top, you’ll be surrounded by the majestic peaks of Mount Taygetus, rising high above the valley with orange and olive groves blanketing the hillsides around you.

Other offerings include exhilarating hairpins and solid rock tunnels. There’s vertical cliff faces and even a canyon – get ready for the downhill journey that’ll bring your brakes to their knees. Don’t worry, if they can’t quite recover, our international car transport service will get you home again.


 1.    Romania’s TransAlpina

Ok, so it’s not unheard of. But our winner has to be the Transfagarasan’s (not-so) little sister – 87 miles of incredible views, daringly dangerous bends and a heart-pumpingly brilliant drive. Snaking through glorious valleys and languorous plateaus that reach over 7,000ft, this baby is the highest mountain passage in all of Romania – and boy, does it provide an exciting experience for any advanced motorist.

This high-altitude road does present some danger – it’s actually closed in winter – but for thrills, it’s unrivalled. If Dracula was a driver, we’d be willing to bet he’d enjoy a trip along the TransAlpina.


If you’ve got a car in mind that would shred these drives, remember – we can get it there. For no-hassle, efficient international car transport, contact one of the OnTime team today.



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