Vehicle repatriation after accident or injury

When we talk about vehicle repatriation, it is often based on the risk of your vehicle breaking down somewhere overseas, for example to transport a broken car home from mainland Europe to the UK.

But in some cases, your vehicle might be in full working order, but you are unable to drive it home due to an accident or injury.

This could be caused by an accident during extreme sports like downhill skiing and white-water rafting, but it’s equally possible to pick up an injury from a slip, trip or fall, especially in wet and wintry conditions.

Whatever the cause, you’re not going to be able to drive your car home yourself with a newly broken leg or wrist – and that’s where our professional vehicle repatriation services can help.

Vehicle repatriation vs. European breakdown cover

Taking out European breakdown cover doesn’t guarantee your insurer will transport your car back to the UK if it is still working, but you are unable to drive it.

Even if they do agree to bring your vehicle back to the UK from the continent, in most cases your insurer will just send a driver to drive the car back under its own power.

You might not want to entrust a high-value sports car to an unfamiliar driver with hundreds of miles to cover – and that’s if your insurance covers repatriation at all.

If your injury occurs in Eastern Europe or Russia, the distance to get back to the UK could be thousands of miles, not hundreds.

You could face a lengthy dispute with your insurer over whether or not your policy includes repatriation, especially if your injury occurred during an extreme sports activity.

For all these reasons, if you are planning a trip or you have already sustained an injury that means you are unable to drive home to the UK, give Ontime Automotive’s vehicle repatriation team a call.

Ontime’s vehicle repatriation service

We collect cars from across Europe and Russia, and transport them safely back to the UK in our covered car transporters, to avoid adding hundreds of unnecessary miles to the clock.

That means you can expect your car to arrive home in the condition you left it – we even provide tracking codes so you can see where it is along its route home at any given time.

Our expert team takes care of all the planning and coordination, including getting your car back across the Channel and into England.

If you’ve just sustained a serious injury, you don’t want to worry about your car still parked up by the roadside or in a hotel car park a thousand miles away.

With Ontime’s help, your pride and joy will soon be back where it belongs, as our vehicle repatriation team deliver it direct to your driveway.

To find out more, fill in our online enquiry form or send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can, or you can call us for a quick chat about your upcoming travel plans or any other vehicle repatriation enquiry.

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