European Insurance Car Transport


It’s estimated that around 2.5 million British people drive to Europe every year and European breakdown cover can be tricky. Many policies don’t cover repatriation, and in cases where providers don’t consider it to be worthwhile, they will simply underwrite the value of the vehicle.

If you want to guarantee that your car comes home to be fixed, or indeed comes home at all, repatriation is your only option. This is where Ontime can help and bring your car home for you so you can deal with any issues without added stress.


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    • Our high-spec covered car transporters are equipped with winches for non-running cars.
    • Our team of experienced drivers have specialised in automotive logistics for many years, giving you peace of mind that your valuable vehicle will be returned home quickly, safely and cost-effectively.
    • Our international car transport services can expertly plan, track and manage the return of your vehicle if you were to break down abroad.
    • We can collect from Continental Europe, including Eastern Europe and Russia, and will deliver your vehicle to anywhere in the UK.
    • You can even track your vehicle throughout the delivery process.
    • We are contactable 24/7 to ensure round the clock reliability
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