5 Times You’ll Need a Car Transporter

There are many instances in which you might need car transport services – they’re not just reserved for Lewis Hamilton or the team behind Top Gear. As Europe’s largest enclosed car delivery operator, we also deal in specialist luxury vehicles and classic cars too.

At OnTime Automotive we plan, track and manage nationwide and international vehicle delivery with the utmost care. In case you were wondering, we’ve listed the top five times that you might need that vehicle delivery.

 1.    Transporting Cars for Holidays and to Holiday Homes

OnTime’s International Car Transport Service means that you no longer have to leave your car at home when you’re jetting across the world. We can book and manage roll-on, roll-off services, container shipping and airfreight – and every one of our drivers is trained to level D Aviation Security. Nobody likes a rental, and with our services you can arrive on your holiday and breezily by-pass the Hertz desk, knowing your very own car is waiting for you.

2.    Helping You Win First Place

From Brands Hatch to Monte Carlo, wherever you’re planning on putting pedal to the metal we can transport your car. Did you know, the Nurburgring in Germany is over 14 miles long? It’s said to be one of the toughest tracks in the world – if you’re wondering if your driving is up to challenge, you’ll need some international car shipping to find out.

3.    To Potentially Net Your New Job

We all know Top Gear are recruiting right now – if you’re in the know about who provides the most efficient, cost-effective car transport services then you’re much more likely to land that dream job on that sought-after BBC set. Our covered car transport is ideal for moving vehicles for TV filming and photoshoots, keeping them protected and pristine.

4.    Motor Shows, New Model Launches and Must-Have Prizes

If you need to get a luxury or classic car safely to a show, or move a competition prize car to centre stage in the middle of Duty Free, we can take care of that. Our network of transporters is equipped with a range of features such as winches for non-running vehicles and tail-lifts for low profile, sports and race cars – all insured for a value of up to £5million.

5.    For Racing Teams That Are Raring To Go

With these tail-lifts we can also transport high-spec and custom racing vehicles. We can also keep a secret – our versatile enclosed car transporters are ideal for when confidentiality is crucial, when transporting race cars or even prototypes. OnTime is also one of the few companies that can move clay models, with our fully temperature-controlled car transporters.


If you have another reason that you require either a car transport service or a form of international car shipping, contact OnTime today. We can provide more information or assist you with your transportation needs – plus, we can add it to this list!

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