Why use covered car transporters for summer events?

The summer season of auto shows is when Ontime Event Management‘s sports car transporters are at their busiest – but if this summer brings dry days, it’s still a good idea to use covered car transporters when moving classic cars from A to B.

With a packed calendar of motor shows, classic car rallies and sports car events taking place throughout the coming months, there will be thousands of cars travelling to and from venues nationwide.

Here are five reasons why covered car transporters are still the first choice for summer auto show event management.

1. More shade, less fade

The first and most obvious reason to use covered car transporters for summer events is to keep the paintwork out of the sun.

Cars can cover hundreds, if not thousands of miles between different motor shows up and down the country or on the continent.

By using covered car transport, you remove the fading effects of the strong summer sun’s UV rays and keep your paintwork looking pristine for longer.

2. Safe from dirt and dust

Dry roads mean less mud, but more dry dust that can be kicked up by the wheels of the vehicle in front.

Again, covered car transporters put a physical barrier between your paintwork and the dust of a dry road, helping you to arrive in show-ready condition.

This has the added advantage of allowing you to prepare your vehicle at your home base before you set off, rather than having to clean and polish it on location.

3. Whatever the weather

With the British summertime in mind, it’s sensible to hope for sunshine but plan for rain – and many of the benefits of covered car transporters in winter also apply to the summer months.

Summer rainfall can be sudden and torrential. With a covered car transporter, you don’t need to worry about your vehicle being exposed to the elements.

This is especially useful for classic convertibles that are not completely watertight, or for older vehicles whose engine compartment may be prone to water ingress too.

4. Out of sight

Covered car transporters prevent prying eyes from seeing what’s inside – in fact other road users and passers-by won’t necessarily know if there’s anything inside the transporter at all.

This is good for security as it prevents other motorists and pedestrians from knowing that a high-value vehicle is inside.

Again, it also puts a physical barrier in place to prevent malicious damage to your car by anyone throwing objects at it or being able to get within arm’s reach of the bodywork.

5. Joined-up auto event management

Ontime Event Management goes beyond just point-to-point drop-off of your vehicle, offering a joined-up auto event management service to get your car to its next show or rally in perfect condition.

We work with motor shows, car exhibitions and promotional events including film and TV photoshoots – whatever the event, if cars are involved, we can help.

Ontime can get you there and offer essential on-site support too, so you know your vehicles are in good hands throughout the event and will be safely transported home again afterwards.

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