Where can I drive in Europe this summer?

The publication of the UK’s ‘travel corridors’ list means there’s still a chance to enjoy a road trip in Europe this summer, without having to quarantine for 14 days when you come home.

Countries listed as ‘travel corridors’ are exempt from the usual 14-day self-isolation period when you travel back to the UK from them via any mode of transport.

That means you can take a European road trip starting from the UK, or let Ontime deliver your vehicle using one of our secure covered car transporters to your preferred starting point on the continent, while you travel by air.

Although the travel corridors list is reviewed continually – and you should always check before making any firm plans – it includes much of continental Europe and we’ve chosen some summer road trips in the EU below.

1. Dunkirk, France

At the time of writing, France is on the list, so you can enjoy a summer road trip there without self-isolating when you get back.

If you and your car are in Calais, it’s a 30-mile drive to get to Dunkirk on the north coast of France.

There you can stop off and take in historic sights like the Mole, the long wood and stone pier used during World War II to board and disembark larger boats that could not come ashore.

From Dunkirk take the D928 south to Saint-Omer on the edge of the Caps et Marais d’Opale Regional Natural Park.

The D943 takes you north-west through the park back towards Calais, a triangular round trip of 85 miles and about two hours’ driving time.

2. Rotterdam to Amsterdam Circular Route, Netherlands

Start from the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands for a 120-mile circular route with the capital city of Amsterdam at its halfway point.

If you drive anticlockwise via the A20 and A12, you’ll first reach Utrecht. From there it’s the A2 into Amsterdam.

Take the A4 south to Leiden and The Hague, before making the short hop along the A13 back to Rotterdam – total driving time is around three hours, leaving plenty of time for stops and sightseeing.

3. Ring of Kerry, Ireland

As an alternative to the continent, Ireland is on the travel corridors list, making the Ring of Kerry an excellent option without going beyond the British Isles.

It’s a circular route, so you can start anywhere and drive in either direction, but the preferred option is to set off from Killarney and go anticlockwise so you don’t meet an oncoming tour bus on a narrow road.

The main ring itself is 120 miles long and can be completed in 3-4 hours, but if you do your research before your trip, there are hidden gems the whole way around that are worth detouring for an hour or two to go see.

Returning to the UK

If you stick to countries on the travel corridors list, you should be able to return to the UK without self-isolating for 14 days.

We can bring your vehicle back home in one of our covered car transporters, so that it arrives safely back into the UK and remains in an enclosed, controlled environment throughout its journey.

Finally, remember that we also offer vehicle repatriation from mainland Europe, so if you are planning an EU road trip this summer, make sure you have our contact details handy in case you break down along the way.

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