UK driving lockdown starts to ease

One of the results of the UK Coronavirus lockdown throughout the spring was that none of us have been able to enjoy a road trip despite weeks of glorious driving weather.

That is finally starting to change, at least if you live in England, where the current government guidelines say you can now drive as far as you want as part of your daily exercise.

As long as you observe social distancing rules – staying within your household group and over two metres away from anyone else – there’s nothing to stop you taking a road trip and even parking up to get out for a walk in some much-needed new scenery.

Just remember not to cross any borders, as stricter regulations are still in place in Wales and Scotland.

Where can I drive during lockdown?

The rules still say you should minimise time spent outside of your home, but you are now allowed to get as much fresh air and outdoor exercise as you want.

Current guidance states: “Day trips to outdoor open space, in a private vehicle, are permitted. You should practise social distancing from other people outside your household.”

However, you cannot stay overnight in a holiday home or second home, and hospitality businesses remain closed, so make sure your route allows you to return to your primary residence by the end of the day.

We are in a transition period and more changes are likely in the coming weeks, especially if campsites and caravan parks are able to reopen at any point, so it’s worth checking on the rules if you’re planning a road trip.

Where can I not drive during lockdown?

There are still some restrictions on driving during lockdown, as mentioned above, but they’re worth listing again:

  • Do not drive too far to return to your primary residence on the same day.
  • Do not drive across the border into Wales or Scotland, where stricter rules are in force.
  • Do not share a private vehicle with anyone from outside of your household.

When you arrive at your destination, it’s a good idea to avoid crowds. This is a good time to explore hidden gems in your local area where it may be easier to maintain social distance.

What if my car breaks down?

Try to be aware of any unusual bumps or noises coming from your car. Even if you have kept the battery charged in the past few weeks and months, there may be other problems if it has been stationary throughout lockdown.

Tyres can develop flat spots from the weight of the car pressing down on them in the same position, and fluids can settle whereas they would normally circulate regularly around the engine.

If you’re planning a lengthy drive in a vehicle that hasn’t moved in weeks, keep our number handy as we’re your best bet for getting a luxury car home safely if it grinds to a halt in a remote location.

We can also transport luxury cars, for example if you’ve been in lockdown at a different address from your favourite vehicle, and our covered car transporters ensure maximum hygiene throughout the process.

To find out more about how we can help you get back on the road this summer, call us on 01295 770040 or fill in the form on our Contact Us page.

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