The Most Luxurious Cars In The World

“Could you be… the most beautiful car in the world…?” We’ve all had that moment where we saw a thing of true beauty, a vehicle so perfectly designed that we fell in love with it in an instant. As specialists in luxury car transport, we have those moments on a daily basis.

But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and one person’s Koenigsegg is another man’s Kia, so which are the undisputed rulers of looks and luxury alike?

For once, we’ll try to steer clear of stripped-back supercars, which are more about performance than comfort; we’re interested in the truly, almost inappropriately luxurious vehicles of the motoring world.

1. Rolls-Royce Phantom

Take the Rolls-Royce Phantom as an example; coming from a manufacturer with undeniable pedigree, it’s clear that this is one model with its feet firmly in a heritage of luxury.

Some of its style features seem frankly unnecessary, such as the commitment to produce all of its interior wood veneer from a single tree.

But some of its finishing touches, while luxurious, are also very practical – each Phantom comes equipped with its own umbrellas, which are hidden away in special umbrella slots within the rear coach doors.

2. Maybach

The entire Maybach brand is on the brink of becoming more luxurious than ever, with the news that it may cease to exist by the end of 2014.

Parent group Daimler AG stopped production in 2012, and sales were due to end in 2013 – and we all know an artist’s work is worth much more after they die.

But there may be life in the Maybach brand yet, with rumours of a revival at the 2014 autumn auto shows, so this much-loved luxury brand may yet be around, after the boys of summer have gone.

3. Bespoke Bentleys?

There’s customised, and then there’s bespoke. Bentley are rumoured to be considering a return to their coachbuilding roots, by combining standard chassis with completely customer-specified bodywork.

For any budding Enzo Ferraris out there with money to burn, a bespoke Bentley must surely be an attractive option – providing you have the design skills to do it justice, of course.

4. Next-Level Luxury

Finally, if the car of your dreams isn’t already on the market, why not layer luxury on top of luxury by having a standard model customised?

Companies like Leicestershire’s Ruskin Design specialise in transforming luxurious vehicles to make them truly unique – a kind of happy middle ground between driving a production-line model, and having a bespoke car built from the ground up.

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