Streamline winter car deliveries with Ontime vehicle warehousing

Ontime Automotive’s vehicle warehousing is the perfect solution for streamlined winter car deliveries, including onward delivery using our covered car transport service.

Winter places an unusual combination of demands on UK roads, including:

> Fewer people using bicycles or walking in inclement weather

> More traffic as people visit family and friends

> Risk of damage to paintwork from corrosive road salt and grit

> Slow-moving traffic due to poor visibility

> Traffic jams due to icy roads and accidents

All of this means if you have high-value vehicles to transport or brand-new cars to deliver, vehicle warehousing is an excellent way to mitigate all of the above risks.

What is vehicle warehousing?

Our vehicle warehousing for prestige vehicles includes a fleet of dedicated shuttle car transporters, which pick up production-line cars and take them to a suitable local distribution centre to await final delivery.

When the vehicle is sold, we take it onwards to its new owner – regardless of where in the world they may be, thanks to our international car transport connections.

In the meantime, the car is stored safely and securely, at a location with good reliable transport links, for onward delivery no matter what the winter weather brings.

Why use covered car transport?

Covered car transport is always our preferred option for vehicle movements, and it makes particularly good sense during the winter months.

Fully enclosed car transport means your vehicle is protected against wind, rain, snow and hail, while the outer shell of our transporter takes the hit of any unpleasant conditions.

When driving on gritted roads, it also places a physical barrier between your vehicle’s paintwork and the potentially corrosive salt and grit used to melt road ice.

This means no matter how far the ‘final mile’ of your winter vehicle delivery may be, your car’s bodywork stays shielded for the duration, safe and snug inside our covered car transporter.

How secure is vehicle warehousing?

If you choose a reputable provider like Ontime Automotive, you can expect high levels of security at all of our vehicle warehousing locations, as you should demand when storing prestige cars.

This includes CCTV with remote monitoring, strict access control at all entrances, and on-site static guarding to prevent unauthorised access to your vehicles.

Again, covered car transport extends this security to delivering the vehicle, as it’s kept out of sight, and behind the solid sides of our covered vehicle transporter, where no malicious damage can be caused to it en route.

Get in touch

For help with winter vehicle deliveries – whether for a single sports car or classic car, or for ongoing transport of multiple production vehicles – please contact Ontime Automotive today.

We can advise on direct A-to-B deliveries, as well as answer any questions you might have about our vehicle warehousing service, which can put your cars in a central location ready to be shipped to customers all over the world.

To get in touch, fill in the enquiry form on our Contact page, call us on 01295 770040, or pay us a visit in person at Appletree Trading Estate, Chipping Warden, OX17 1LL.

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