Stay high and dry in covered car transporters

February hasn’t brought the kind of cold, crisp winter days we all hope for at this time of year, but covered car transporters can still get you to your destination safe and dry.

The month of love and romance has been more like the month of rain and wellies, with first Storm Ciara and then Storm Dennis hitting the UK and bringing with them a succession of washout weekends.

If you need to transport a sports car, supercar or classic car, this kind of weather makes it all but impossible to get there under your own steam.

Puddles are bad enough for all but the most rugged 4x4s, but they’re especially bad news for the risk of aquaplaning off the road in a flat-bottom supercar.

On top of that, they can also hide all kinds of problems on the road surface, including potholes which are a multibillion-pound pest all year round.

The solution? Load your sports car into one of our covered car transporters, which are not only better equipped to deal with wet, icy and damaged roads, but also keep your car under cover so it’s not exposed to the elements.

Covered car transporters are better when it’s wetter

The wetter the weather, the better it is to go via covered car transporter to avoid the kinds of risks mentioned above.

According to the Met Office, the wettest days in 2008-17 were 17% wetter than in 1961-90 and in winter, the chance of a prolonged period of very wet weather is now seven times higher.

With global temperatures rising, there’s more energy in the atmosphere. The warmer air can hold more water vapour so when it rains, it tends to rain harder.

Covered sports car transporters cocoon your vehicle against these harsh conditions, allowing you to rise above it and get through it to reach your destination.

As we move into the spring months, it’s likely that we’re still some way off from seeing prolonged warm and dry weather – and the Met Office says the intensity of summer downpours is on the increase too.

So if you want to get from A to B without driving through the sea, let Ontime’s covered car transporters handle the elements on your behalf.

Getting safely to track days abroad

As we move further into the new year, the calendar starts to fill up with more track days in the UK and abroad, and Ontime’s professional and experienced crew can cater for your transport needs.

We provide a full point-to-point sports car transport service so your vehicle is there and ready for when the racing starts.

This includes destinations across Europe and beyond, where we can arrange onward transport to the same high standards we offer within the UK.

We believe firmly in getting vehicles to their destination safely so you can have the most fun driving your pride and joy in the safe confines of a racetrack, without worrying about getting it there or back again.

To find out more, contact Ontime Automotive today and we can help you decide the best way to get your sports car delivered to where it needs to be.

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