Stay green while driving home for Christmas with our EV transporter

Transporting electric vehicles doesn’t have to mean compromising on emissions, as Ontime’s electric car transporter allows you to stick to those environmental commitments.

EVs hold huge potential for energy savings and carbon reduction, and as a responsible car transporter we want to make sure that we add to those benefits rather than reducing them.

That’s why we invested in our electric car transporter, which can be used to relocate EVs and traditional combustion engine vehicles alike.

In fact by moving a petrol or diesel car in our transporter, you could be doing the environment a favour.

EV transport for fleets

We understand that environmental commitments are especially important for those in the various motor trades, who don’t want to be seen to compromise on any promises made to customers in the past.

This month the British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association (BVRLA) wrote to the prime minister urging him to support local authorities in making EVs more widely accessible, including to those on low incomes.

Chief executive Gerry Keaney said: “We can do more to accelerate transport decarbonisation if the government provides the right policy incentives, including maintaining the Plug-in Car Grant, long-term certainty on company car tax and support for connecting charging infrastructure to the electricity grid.”

We are doing our own part to increase the availability of EV infrastructure, in the form of our transporter that can get electric vehicles from car rental fleets from A to B without clocking up unnecessary miles under their own power.

The lighter side of EVs

Finally with Christmas upon us, Nissan have been showing the lighter side of EVs as their Nissan LEAF became a Nissan TREE for December.

In true ‘holidays are coming’ style, they festooned a Nissan LEAF with thousands of LEDs and a reindeer on the roof rack to demonstrate the energy recovery capabilities of the car.

Using only the power recovered from its own regenerative braking, the festive LEAF aims to serve as a reminder of just how much energy electric vehicles save.

According to Nissan, if LEAF drivers cover 11,000 miles in a year, they save enough energy to power:

  • A typical oven for 297 hours.
  • A typical television for 3,720 hours.
  • An LED for 53,915,000 hours (over 6,000 years).

Overall, the 744 kWh saved over 11,000 miles of driving a Nissan LEAF is equivalent to a fifth of the average UK household’s energy consumption each year.

Helping your eco ambitions in 2020 and beyond

Many of us will be driving home for Christmas and Ontime Automotive’s electric vehicle transporter will be doing its bit to get cars from A to B with minimal emissions.

As we move into the new year, even more motorists will be making environmentally conscious New Year’s resolutions and looking to the massive energy and emissions savings of EVs in 2020 and beyond.

We will continue to do our part to transport EVs wherever they need to go, while also when possible using our car transporter to get combustion engine vehicles to their destination with less of a carbon footprint.

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