Perfect Cars For Summer

Every rainy day of the British summer has people fretting that autumn is here already – but if you’re smart, you know that there’s a good chance of sunny days until well into September.

In recent years we’ve even had autumnal heatwaves, bringing a week of strong sunshine and above-average temperatures as late as October.

When the weather forecast turns positive, there’s few better feelings than to jump into your car and take a drive through the countryside, or down to the coast – and here’s our pick of the best vehicles for the job.

VW Campervan

Almost a symbol of summertime in its own right, the VW Campervan has been an emblem of hippy chic since the mid-20th century.

But modern production versions look more like gigantic SUVs than the quirky and instantly recognisable Campervan of the 1960s.

Inside these 21st century incarnations, you’ll find expanding roof sections and pull-out side canopies, tables and chairs, room for a family of four to sleep, and even a fitted kitchen – everything you need to go camping in your car.

Morgan 3 Wheeler

The iconic Morgan 3 Wheeler isn’t exactly a practical family car, but it is built with one thing in mind – fun.

You’ll need to strap on a pair of driving goggles, and there’s room for just one passenger and an item of luggage, but none of that matters once you hit the ‘bomb release’ starter button.

Once you’re underway, the Morgan is a bullet, built to resemble an aeroplane as closely as possible, and you could easily be forgiven for feeling as though you’re flying along the road.

Range Rover

A total antidote to the frivolity of the Morgan, a Range Rover takes you to the other extreme, cocooning you in a cabin that could feel more first class than cockpit.

This really is a car that can take the whole family – and their luggage, and the dogs too – not to mention camping gear, surfboards, or whatever else you need to enjoy your summer.

Seal yourself in, crank the air conditioning, and let your car blast away the dust and cobwebs of a stiflingly hot summer’s day.


OK, not a specific car, but from classic examples to modern production versions, convertibles are the must-have status symbol on a sunny day.

Roof down, sunglasses on, and shielded from the buffeting winds by your windscreen, your drive can feel like you’re truly in the great outdoors.

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