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For many drivers, their car is their pride and joy – so when you have to ship it somewhere for any reason, there can be a sense of dread from the moment you hand it over, until the next time you are safely back behind the wheel.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, and all you really need is a reliable shipping provider to help transport your vehicle with peace of mind, so that you know it will still be in one piece and undamaged when you see it again.

We work hard to maintain our high standards, and our track record speaks for itself – but if you need more reason to choose Ontime Automotive, here are some of our worry-free services.

Classic Cars

Many of the vehicles we transport are classic cars, and not just high-value modern vehicles; this means if anything were to happen, repairing or replacing them would be very hard or even impossible.

We use covered car transporters, so your vehicle does not have to be exposed to the elements, or to the buffeting effects of the wind while it is travelling to its destination.

This eliminates concerns about chipped paintwork or cracked windscreens due to grit picked up from the road surface.

Prestige Vehicles

We treat prestige vehicles with the same respect as classic cars although they are not vintage yet, many of these modern masterpieces will be collectors’ items in future generations.

As such, we stick to our usual high standards, using covered transporters to keep your car enclosed and away from the elements, as well as ensuring no malicious damage can occur to your vehicle in transit.

International Transport

Long-haul journeys can cause the greatest concern, but with Ontime Automotive there should be no need to worry, as again we ensure our standards do not slip at any stage in the delivery process.

We understand the importance of keeping to a schedule, so we will not miss connecting flights or ferry trips.

We have good knowledge of customs and export processes, as well as onward delivery in other countries, so we can keep your car on its way to wherever you are in the world.

And we can even help to optimise the delivery route, so that your car spends less time on the road, further reducing the risk of an incident occurring – while our enclosed trucks mean your car is not suffering the added mileage of being driven to your destination under its own power.

If you’d like information on Ontime or any of our services, call us on 01295 770040 or visit our company page.

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