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covered car transporter

You may have seen our covered car transporters out on the roads – we deliver worldwide, so it should be no surprise if you have.

But while you might wish you could see what luxury or vintage vehicle is safely cocooned inside our trucks, there are plenty of good reasons to keep it hidden away.

Our covered car transporters mean delicate paintwork – which can be expensive to restore on classic cars – is not exposed to damaging wind, rain, or flecks of gravel flicked up from the road surface.

We do much more than just that, though – our car transporters are equipped with every piece of technology you might reasonably expect to need in order to collect and deliver a vehicle over long distances.

Elegant Elevation

Some sports cars have a very low profile to the road, and when you have to drive them up a ramp on to a car transporter, this can cause difficulties and leave them effectively ‘beached’ with their tyres off the ground.

Ontime’s car transporters overcome this, thanks to their flat rear lifts – drive or push the vehicle on, lift it up, and move it into the interior of the truck along a flat surface.

No awkward inclines, no need to manoeuvre on to a ramp or drive up it, just a roll-on, roll-off flat lift.

Power to the People

If you can’t drive your vehicle on to the lift under its own power – perhaps because it is being recovered from a breakdown, or it has been bought as a restoration piece – we’re prepared for that too.

Ontime’s covered car transporters are equipped with winches, so even if your car is not easy to push, we can put some extra mechanical effort into loading it on board.

This should ensure that we can always get your car aboard, regardless of the condition of its engine.

Concepts and Clay

Of course, there are times when you might want to keep your vehicle under wraps, and our covered car transportation trucks are perfect for transporting concept cars in secret.

We employ only trustworthy individuals with a reliable track record, so the security of your latest creation is assured.

In fact, we can go even further – and can even transport clay concept models under temperature-controlled conditions, so that they arrive at the factory or to go on display at a motor show in perfect shape.

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