Ontime car transporters get your vehicle there while you stay at home

Many of us have stayed in our homes for several weeks now, and while the tightest restrictions may soon ease across the UK, Europe and beyond, the events of 2020 so far may have changed your outlook on unnecessary journeys.

In the coming months, it’s unlikely that long-distance travel will completely return to normal, as an as-yet unknown combination of social distancing measures will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

This presents certain challenges, especially to international travel where medium-term restrictions might vary and countries could choose to impose quarantine periods on international arrivals.

But as motoring events start to take place again – which seems increasingly likely following the tentatively rescheduled Formula 1 Grand Prix season – Ontime will be here to get your vehicle from A to B, even while you stay safe and comfortable at home.

Why stay at home?

There are many reasons to stay at home in the months to come, while letting your car go on ahead for you to join directly (for example, by air travel) once it arrives.

As well as the obvious and much-discussed reasons, there are other less direct arguments why you might not want to drive your car to its destination yourself.

Some remote roads are likely to have much lower levels of traffic, meaning if you break down, there’s less likely to be a passing motorist to flag down.

In other areas, traffic levels are relatively high but drivers have become accustomed to empty roads, so are paying less attention to other road users.

Ontime’s covered car transporters shield your vehicle against road traffic incidents – and it’s hard for other motorists to fail to see one of our trucks coming down the road.

If you choose to travel

At Ontime we are all about the open road and we understand that for many keen motorists, a long drive is top of the to-do list once restrictions allow it.

If you’re planning a road trip once ‘lockdown’ ends, please make sure you have a backup plan in case you break down in a remote area or on an unusually empty road like we mentioned above.

We provide long-distance breakdown recovery and international vehicle repatriation services, and will continue to do so as much as it is possible in the rest of 2020 and beyond.

Conditions are changing on an ongoing basis, so if you would like to get in touch before you set out on your journey, we’d be happy to advise on what we are currently able to offer and whether services might be disrupted in specific European countries.

Get in touch today

To talk through any upcoming travel plans – both now and in future months as lockdown conditions begin to ease – please contact Ontime today to speak to our team about what’s safe and what’s not.

Wherever possible, we will be here to respond to any international breakdown recoveries and vehicle repatriation calls, and there’s always the option of our covered car transporters if you’d rather not take the risk of driving yourself.

There are many miles still to come in the current situation – but Ontime are here to help you navigate the road ahead.

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