Merry Christmas from Ontime Automotive

It’s that time of year when Ontime Automotive pause to reflect on another successful year, and to wish all of our friends, partners and customers the very best for the holiday season and for a happy 2018.

This year was an ‘interesting’ one, to say the least, as the Brexit negotiations got underway, but the luxury auto market is resilient and as 2017 draws to a close, we’ve seen no cause for concern in the run-up to Christmas.

Putting Brexit to one side – after all, March 2019 is still quite a way away – there’s plenty to look back on from the past 12 months.

New Supercar Models

Any new models of supercar always give us a boost in demand, and 2017 didn’t disappoint on that front, as Ontime Automotive handled deliveries of the Aston Martin DB11.

We were also entrusted with a very special supercar transport task – getting the Aston Martin Valkyrie to Pebble Beach in California.

Our enclosed supercar transport ensured the Valkyrie was kept away from prying eyes until it reached the airport, where it was flown to North America before our land-based partners there completed the journey.

It’s one of the highest-profile upcoming releases for 2018, but by no means the only top secret supercar we shipped this year, as we also took two more embargoed cars to Atlanta for their publicity photography.

Again, our enclosed sports car transporters not only protect the vehicle against the elements, but also keep it concealed, so confidential cars and concept cars can be delivered without being spotted by spies from the industry press.

Ontime’s New Transporters

One of the highlights of 2017 was the £1.4 million investment we secured from the Bidvest Group, which has direct benefits for our customers as we were able to expand our fleet by adding new car transporters.

We bought a lucky-for-some 13 new vehicles in total, including some of the most modern enclosed car transporters on the market.

You can see photos of some of these in the Christmas 2017 edition of Ontime’s Owntime, our regular newsletter, which also includes details of some of the other events of the past year not listed here.

A Time for Giving

Finally, at Christmas thoughts especially turn to charity, and Ontime Automotive are proud to continue our support for the automotive charity BEN – not just at Christmas, but as we move into the main part of 2018 too.

We’ve actually supported BEN for over 15 years, but the end of another year is always a good time to take stock.

BEN offer ‘support for life’ to automotive industry workers and anyone closely connected with the sector across social and mental services, to physical and financial support.

Their website at has details of how to make a personal donation, volunteer with the charity or fundraise for them, and would make a great alternative to sending out Christmas cards, or as a New Year’s Resolution to volunteer more in 2018.

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