How To Transport Your Classic Car Internationally

classic car transport

Classic car transport requires that extra little bit of care and attention which is why at Ontime Global Automotive, we provide a specialised classic car transport service. Classic cars are, without exception, highly prized by their owners and we ensure each one is transported safely and on time so that the car reaches its destination in immaculate condition. Transporting your classic car internationally can be particularly worrying but rest assured that Ontime are Europe’s largest enclosed car delivery operator so are experts in this field.

We have a modern fleet of enclosed classic car transporters which can carry between 1 and 6 vehicles and are equipped with a wide range of features such as winches and tail-lifts. Our carefully selected, uniformed drivers have an abundance of knowledge in handling classic cars and are infinitely discreet. We have insurance of up to £5 million, which can be increased if necessary, and have real-time tracking systems to alleviate any concerns. We can be contacted 24/7 and provide electronic proof of delivery so you know your car has arrived.

When transporting your classic car internationally, we can deliver to ports and airports to connect with flights and sailings. We can manage all export and customs processes to relieve you of those headaches and can even organise onward delivery in the country of destination.

So, whether you fancy a trip abroad to take in the breath-taking scenery along the infamous Highway 1 in Big Sur, California or you need to transport multiple classic cars to a motor show overseas, Ontime will provide you with a professional, reliable service that can’t be beaten. Call us now on 01295 770 040 or visit our website and fill in our quick enquiry form and our skilled staff will be able to assist you with all your classic car transportation needs.

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