How to Transport Classic Cars

Safe and secure classic car transport is one of Ontime’s most in-demand services, as part of our full range of luxury car transport services for vintage and classic vehicles, collector’s items and modern-day supercars.

Knowing how to transport classic cars is what we do, so you don’t have to worry about it. But if you’d like to know how our covered car transporters help to protect your pride and joy en route from A to B, this guide tells you all you need to know.

Why choose Ontime for classic car transport?

Transporting high-value vehicles is what we do, and we’re good at it. Our enclosed car transporters get your vehicle anywhere in the world, with connecting services via road, sea or even air if needed.

We’re Europe’s largest enclosed car delivery operator, and each of our classic car transporters can carry between one and six vehicles. But it’s not all about scale, and our attention to detail means every car is treated as a VIP in its own right.

The extra mile

We go the extra mile so your vehicle doesn’t have to, with car transporters that can load your vehicle via lift or ramp, without needing to start its engine. For classic cars, this keeps crucial miles off the clock and minimises wear and tear.

During long transports, we can inspect your vehicle and check that its battery holds charge, so there’s no risk of a non-starter on arrival – and if your classic car has been converted to electric, we offer EV charging en route too.

Peace of mind

Your standard car insurance policy may not apply while your vehicle is being transported, but our classic car transport service includes cover up to £5 million per transporter load. In the unlikely event that’s not enough, we can organise additional cover up to the necessary value.

Every vehicle gets our full care and attention at all times, and our covered car transporters offer the added benefit of hiding valuable and recognisable vehicles from prying eyes, reducing the risk of opportunistic theft or malicious damage.

A transporter for every classic car

We know classic cars often have their own unique idiosyncrasies, such as low ground clearance or an engine that won’t start, but our fleet of car transporters has you covered:

  • Tail-lift transporters for low-profile classic sports cars
  • Winches to safely load non-runners and restoration classics
  • EV charging points on-board for classic-electric conversions

If you have any other specific needs please get in touch, as we’re always happy to accommodate our clients’ requirements and make sure we send the best car transporter for the job.

More about Ontime

Ontime Automotive are proud of our highly trained and professional drivers, who wear full uniform at all times and work with complete confidence and discretion – you can trust us to represent you at corporate events and high-profile occasions.

We welcome all enquiries from classic car dealers, auction houses and private collectors. If you own a classic car, we’ll get it from A to B for you.

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