Grey leads the way but bright colours grow fastest in 2021 new car deliveries

Grey leads the way but bright colours grow fastest in 2021 new car deliveries


The SMMT has published new figures showing the UK’s favourite colour of new car deliveries in 2021 – and it makes for drab reading with a top three of grey, black and white. Nearly one in four (24.8%) new cars delivered in 2021 were grey, one in five (20.5%) were black and about one in six (17.2%) were white. Traditional colours continue to complete the top six, with 17.0% blue, 8.8% red and 6.8% silver. However, the SMMT also found that brightly coloured cars are quickly increasing in popularity, accounting for some of the biggest rising numbers on the chart. Green – a top five colour in the early 2000s – posted its first increase in popularity since 2015, up by 24% to nearly 18,000 new car deliveries in 2021. Some of the more niche colours to grow dramatically year-on-year included turquoise, up by 19.2%, yellow cars up by nearly a third (31.3%) and gold cars up a massive 231.8%.


Regional variations in new car deliveries


So if you’re looking to get a new car delivered, what does the postcode lottery say about its likely colour? While the most popular colours are fairly consistent across the country, there are clear regional variations further down the livery league table. Just a dozen new maroon cars were registered across the UK in 2021 – with zero in Scotland. The West Midlands registered more orange cars than any other part of the UK, with over 1,000 new sets of wheels hitting the region’s roads. Pink cars are relatively rare, so with just 66 registrations, Bedfordshire proved to be the region most likely to think pink. Nearly 250 turquoise cars took to the roads of Buckinghamshire, helping the county to the top spot for that particular colour. And Greater London ranked highest for green cars – paint colour, that is – with more than 1,250 registrations. As for the other kind of ‘green’, hybrid electric vehicles and plug-ins accounted for more than one in six registrations, an impressive increase from 2019 (one in 30) and 2020 (one in 10).


Get a new car delivered


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