Five benefits of transporting cars by road

There are many reasons for transporting cars by road. These include initial delivery from the factory or forecourt, transporting a car from A to B for a race meeting or exhibition, and recovering or repatriating a broken-down car, among others.

Transporting vehicles by road has multiple benefits compared with other methods and, especially for delivery of brand-new vehicles, this helps to keep costs down so new cars can be sold without an extra markup.

Here are five of the best benefits when you transport a car by road.

1. Door to door delivery

Road car transporters can go wherever there is an accessible road, transporting vehicles directly from A to B via the shortest and fastest suitable route.

This is one of the single biggest advantages compared with other methods of moving vehicles, such as rail and ferries, which by nature are not able to take such a direct route.

Even when using shipping or rail freight to transport cars, there’s still the ‘final mile’ to get the vehicles from the port or cargo station to their final destination, without clocking up miles under their own power – and for that, you’re going to need a car transporter.

2. Fast loading and unloading

Vehicle transporters have several features specifically to help with loading and unloading their cargo. This not only prevents the risk of damage during this part of the process, but also reduces any delays so your delivery can get underway faster.

This loading and unloading equipment means cars don’t need to drive on to the trailer under their own power. Your car is winched on board without any damage and without adding so much as a few extra feet to its mileage.

Of course this is also beneficial for recovery and repatriation of broken-down cars, which would be unable to drive on to the trailer in any case.

3. Secure mounting of vehicles

Car transporters are designed to operate safely and securely, and this is especially true in the case of covered car transporters, which put a physical shell around your vehicle during transit.

In all cases, transporter trucks designed specifically to carry cars are equipped with loading lifts, winches and ramps as mentioned above, but also with secure mounting points for the vehicle once it’s inside.

This gives you total confidence that your car will stay in position throughout its transport, ensuring it arrives with no damage to its paintwork or parts.

4. Faster delivery times

All of the above adds up to some of the fastest delivery times possible when transporting cars or delivering newly manufactured vehicles.

Road transporter trucks can operate on your schedule: there’s no waiting at a station or a port for a departure time, and in the event of heavy traffic, it’s usually possible to switch to an alternative route if that will be faster.

5. Fully trained drivers

Finally, you get the benefit of a personal service. Ontime Automotive’s fully trained, professional drivers will take good care of your car from the point of collection right through to the moment of delivery.

We only employ fully trained, qualified and competent drivers, who will safely get your vehicle to its destination whether it’s 100 miles away or 1,000.

To find out more or to book your vehicle transport or repatriation by road, contact Ontime today to speak to our team.

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