Everything you need to know about Ro/Ro shipping

Ro/Ro shipping transformed the way goods are transported all over the world. But what is Ro/Ro and what does it mean for luxury car transport?

At Ontime Automotive, Ro/Ro sea freight is one way we get cars to destinations across the globe, including:

Let’s look at what Ro/Ro transport actually is, and the important distinction you need to make when deciding to send luxury cars by sea freight.

What does Ro/Ro transport stand for?

So, what is Ro/Ro? The acronym Ro/Ro is short for “roll-on/roll-off” and is particularly associated with ocean freight and car ferries.

It means that the vessel has a cargo deck level with the quayside, allowing vehicles to drive directly aboard via a ramp or tailgate.

Once fully loaded, the vessel sails to its destination port, lowers its ramp, and the cargo vehicles drive off and onto dry land.

In many cases, the ship has a ramp at each end, so that there is no need for the vehicles to reverse when disembarking.

Two types of Ro/Ro transport

It’s worth noting that Ro/Ro transport can have two different meanings when it comes to transporting luxury cars:

  1. The car itself is driven on and off of the ferry or freighter
  2. The car is driven aboard inside a covered car transporter

Ontime Automotive offer both options as part of our Sea Freight service, to give our customers the best choice of how you want your car to travel.

Ro/Ro transport by road and sea

One of the biggest benefits of Ro/Ro transport is that lorries can carry a large amount of goods, make a sea crossing by Ro/Ro freighter, then just continue by road to reach their final destination.

This is one reason why Ro/Ro shipping has become the standard across nearly all industries, and luxury car transportation is no exception.

If you don’t want your car to clock up any more miles while getting from A to B, Ro/Ro transport is the ideal solution, allowing one of our covered car transporters to take the strain with your car as its passenger.

Ro/Ro luxury car transport

If you’re interested in Ontime’s Sea Freight car transport service, there are a few more things you might like to know:

  • We offer a complete door-to-door service including the initial collection from you
  • We can take care of any necessary Customs paperwork for international deliveries
  • We provide all-risks marine insurance cover on request for the sea freight phase

In addition, you’ll get our usual high standard of service, with fully trained, polite employees in uniform and access to our international network of partners for onward delivery.

For more information about all of the above, please contact Ontime Automotive today on +44 (0) 1295 770040 or fill in the form to send us a message, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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