Enclosed car transport is faster, safer and easier

When you need to ship a vehicle over a long distance, enclosed car transport is the way to go, offering a long list of benefits compared with driving the vehicle to its destination under its own power.

Three of the biggest benefits of enclosed car transport are that it is faster, safer and easier, and the advantages increase the further away your destination happens to be.

Here’s why a covered car transporter makes the most sense when you need to transport a car over 100 miles or more.


The longer the distance, the more time you can save by shipping your car in a transporter, instead of driving it yourself.

Even if you’re accustomed to taking lengthy road trips, there are limits to how far you can go in a single session at the wheel.

Having it driven to your destination in a covered car transporter allows you to benefit from professional car delivery services, and Ontime can use local knowledge to optimise the route for the fastest journey time.

Of course, you don’t just get your vehicle there faster, you also get back 100% of the journey time because you can get something else done with the time you would have spent at the wheel.


It’s easy to see why an enclosed car transporter is safer for a vehicle over a journey of over 100 miles, as it keeps your car protected from malicious acts and heavy weather.

A professional driver will keep your vehicle out of harm’s way over the full distance, with all the necessary attention and awareness given to other road users.

This means your classic car or collectible doesn’t face the risk posed by other drivers in their everyday runabouts.

Professional car transporter services like Ontime also hold appropriate insurance policies with high payouts, so in the event of an unavoidable incident, you can cover the costs of repairing or replacing your pride and joy.


Last but by no means least, entrusting your car to a professional vehicle transporter like Ontime is just much easier.

You can travel on ahead by high-speed rail or air, and you don’t need to worry about arranging overnight accommodation en route or making up for lost time if you get caught in traffic.

Ontime can’t control the road conditions, but we have the experience to find an alternative route when necessary, or to know when to stay on a congested road for the fastest arrival time overall.

Either way, you can arrive at your destination stress-free, in the knowledge that your vehicle is also on its way and will reliably arrive on deadline.

A lasting relationship

Whether it’s transporting vehicles over long distances – or even short distances – or repatriating a broken-down car from the continent, Ontime are just a call away.

That’s why our customers use us time and time again to transport cars to track days and exhibitions, when moving house, or any other time you need to deliver a vehicle without driving it there yourself.

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