Covered car transport for gullwing door sports cars

If you’ve ever driven your new sports car into the garage only to remember that it has gullwing doors, you might wonder how it’s possible to offer covered car transport for these classic collectible cars.

Gullwing doors are an iconic feature of many modern supercars, as well as collectibles like the DMC DeLorean made famous by the Back to the Future trilogy, and the 1954 Mercedes 300 SL, of which only 1,400 were ever made.

But they do need a wide berth, especially if they’re true gullwing doors that open outwards rather than pivoting upwards.

That raises the question of how you load a gullwing door sports car on an enclosed car transporter without leaving the driver trapped inside – and the answer is that, of course, no driver is required.

No driver, no worries

Our covered car transporters are equipped with all of the gear needed to safely load all kinds of classic cars, sports cars and supercars without driving them in under their own power.

It’s a useful capability, because of course on a classic collectible car every extra yard on the clock matters, and some older vehicles might be non-runners just used for show purposes.

And it’s even more helpful for vehicles with gullwing doors, as it means we can load the car into the trailer without the need to open the doors once it’s inside.

That means your vehicle can be safely cocooned in one of our completely enclosed car transporters, instead of leaving it exposed to the elements for the sake of being able to open the door.

Why enclosed sports car transporters are better

You might ask why it matters to use an enclosed sports car transporter rather than having your supercar on an open truck – after all, cars are intended to be used outside.

But there’s a long list of reasons why enclosed sports car transporters are better for journeys of any length.

They reduce the risk of UV fading of your paintwork during strong sunny spells and of mud and road dirt getting on your sparkling bodywork in heavy weather.

Covered sports car transporters also protect against chipped paintwork due to gravel or grit kicked up off the road surface – something that’s even more likely in the winter months when roads are likely to be gritted against ice.

And there’s also an element of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ as no passers-by will immediately know what’s inside an enclosed car transporter trailer, reducing the risk of opportunistic theft or malicious damage.

Of course we put the security of your vehicle at the top of our list of priorities too, so you know it’s in safe hands when you entrust it to the Ontime Automotive team.

Got gullwings?

If you’ve got gullwing doors, low ground clearance, a collectible car you don’t want to drive under its own power, or any other kind of challenging car to transport, Ontime Automotive can help.

Contact us today to find out how we can get your pride and joy from A to B safely, quickly and cleanly, ready for its next track day or motor show.

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