Choosing the Right Car Transport Company: What Sets Ontime Automotive Apart

When it comes to choosing the right car transport company, you want a team you can rely on, who will treat your vehicle with the respect it deserves, and who will get it there on time, every time.

Ontime Automotive pride ourselves on our professional approach to car shipping. We don’t just send a man with a wagon; we send uniformed, experienced drivers and purpose-built covered car transporters.

If you’ve got a high-value vehicle you need to get from A to B, we’ve got the capabilities to join the dots and deliver your car safely to its destination.

Planning the journey

Ontime Automotive is Europe’s largest enclosed car transport operator, and our size is backed up by our expertise, to give you the peace of mind of our proven track record.

We apply this expertise before we even collect your vehicle, planning its journey via road, sea and air freight as appropriate. No distance is too great and (within reason) no destination is too remote.

International car transport may be subject to certain paperwork requirements, but we can take care of the necessary Customs clearances to get your vehicle there legally without delay.

Vehicle repatriation

If your car is stranded abroad due to a breakdown, or because you had to leave it behind due to a personal emergency, we can arrange for it to meet you back in the UK.

Our Vehicle Repatriation service is a lifesaver when your vehicle is stuck somewhere in continental Europe, especially if it needs specialist repair work to get it back to good running condition.

We’ll dispatch one of our covered car transporters to Europe – including Eastern Europe and Russia – load your vehicle with our usual care and attention, and deliver it to you anywhere in the UK with complete end-to-end tracking.

Electric car shipping

Electric car transport is a relatively recent development, and we’re proud to be leading the charge (no pun intended) towards an all-electric future of car freight.

Our specialist electric car transporters are purpose-built for battery-powered vehicles. We added these to our fleet to make sure that we can charge your vehicle’s own battery en route, delivering it at its destination with 100% of its range available.

This saves you time and money, as there’s no need to plug your car in on arrival – you’re ready to drive away from the moment it’s unloaded.

More high standards

Our commitment to high standards continues throughout the delivery of your vehicle, with uniformed drivers who will handle the process discreetly and securely.

Drivers are equipped with handheld PDAs to capture delivery paperwork in real time, so you can see when your vehicle has been collected and/or handed over if you’re not there in person.

We can even integrate at OEM facilities, giving you vehicle distribution capabilities that would be costly to create in-house and difficult to maintain to such a high level of quality.

To find out more about any of our services, or more of the attributes that set Ontime Automotive apart from other car transport operators, contact us today.

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