Book and monitor vehicle transportation on the Ontime Web Portal

When you want to book vehicle transportation or see where your car transporter has reached along its route, the Ontime Automotive Customer Web Portal is the place to look.

Customers get a username and password to log in to the portal, giving you a single place to go for the latest updates about the location of your car.

From the portal, you can also book car transport in the future, keeping everything under your same account for easy tracking.

How to register for the Ontime Web Portal

If you book one of our covered car transporters to move your vehicle to a destination, you can log in at any time to check on its progress via the Web Portal.

To get a username and password for the Ontime Automotive Customer Web Portal, contact us directly in one of the following ways:

We will set up a unique login for you and give you the details you need to be able to access the portal and see your current vehicle transportation.

How to use the Ontime Web Portal

The portal is easy to use. Just go to the login page and enter your username and password as provided to you by telephone or email.

Once you log in, you’ll be able to see existing jobs listed under your account. This allows you to monitor vehicle movements and track your car’s journey from pickup to delivery.

This is also where you can book further car transport jobs, so if you have a fleet of vehicles to move or you’re likely to need to move a car time and time again, the portal is a hugely convenient way to make multiple bookings with Ontime.

Benefits of the Ontime Web Portal

Our customer portal has been developed with your needs firmly in mind, and to give you round-the-clock access to your Ontime account, even outside of normal office hours.

It has several main benefits for our clients:

  • See where your car transport is at any given time
  • Book a car transporter for a future job
  • Keep multiple jobs in one place for easy reference

You can check that everything is running on schedule and contact us directly if you need any more information, or if you have any difficulty logging into your portal account with your usual username and password.

Part of the service

Access to the Ontime Automotive Customer Web Portal is just one part of our joined-up professional car transporter service, and we always aim to deliver the highest standards from the moment you make your booking, until the moment we safely deliver your car.

This includes our fleet of specialist transport vehicles, including covered car transporters so your car is completely protected while en route from A to B.

Our professional drivers are polite and well presented, which means you can trust us to make the right impression on arrival at your car’s destination, whether that’s a track day, exhibition, another event or even delivering it to a buyer.

We can handle one-off bookings for a single vehicle, all the way up to high-volume commercial car transport orders – whether you’re transporting one car or many, at Ontime Automotive our expertise comes as standard.

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