Automotive freight: international car transport made easy

When you need to get your vehicle from A to B, but A and B are in different countries, automotive freight is the solution to deliver your car safely to its destination.

Ontime Automotive offer a range of automotive freight options including road freight, sea freight and air freight. So which is best when you need to get your vehicle abroad?

Road freight

Road freight is ideal for overland deliveries. For obvious reasons, automotive road freight requires a land connection between the pickup and delivery points – although there are some exceptions to this.

Options such as ferry crossings and Eurotunnel mean road freight can be used to move vehicles from the UK on to the continent, while completing the bulk of the journey on dry land.

If you choose either air freight or sea freight (see below) there’s still likely to be a road freight element, both to collect your car initially and to get it from the docks or airport to its final destination.

Sea freight

Sea freight solves the problem of (usually short) hops over water, allowing vehicles to move between countries and continents that do not share a land mass.

Roll-on, roll-off sea freight works seamlessly with road freight, allowing our car transporters to drive directly onto a ferry deck, and continue their journey at the other side of the water – no matter how far that might be.

For relatively short spans of open water, sea freight can be much faster than driving inland to the nearest bridge crossing, and in some cases can be the only option when no bridge exists.

Air freight

For longer international automotive freight deliveries, air freight is the fastest solution, allowing your car to take off from a cargo airport near you and land as close as possible to its destination.

In some cases, you may choose to collect the car from the airport; however, it’s more common to add a short road freight leg to the end of the journey, making air freight a fully flexible option to get your vehicle wherever it needs to be.

Air freight is ideal for international car deliveries from the manufacturer or specialist dealers, to import collectors’ cars or to get your pride and joy to your holiday home for a scenic road trip overseas.

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We can move almost any type of vehicle, including our dedicated covered car transporters for electric cars. We can even transport prototype full-scale clay models for concept cars.

Every vehicle receives our full care and attention, with fully trained drivers in uniform for the duration of the journey.

If part of the route passes through a warmer climate, we have temperature-controlled car transporters, so your vehicle (or clay model) will not be subjected to excessive heat.

Finally, we can take care of any Customs paperwork, so there’s no delay in getting your vehicle released on arrival into its destination country.

If you’d like to know more about Ontime Automotive’s land, sea and air freight services for vehicle transport, please contact us with any questions or to make an enquiry.

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