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The Commercial Vehicle Show Features 50th Transit Van Anniversary


The 2015 Commercial Vehicle show took place at the NEC Birmingham Arena on the 14th to the 16th April. The exhibition caused car enthusiasts to flock from all over the country, with commercial vehicle operators and industry suppliers meeting. The show has been established for over a decade, providing valuable sourcing opportunities and this year was no different.

Fleet owners, senior managers and engineers set up stalls containing a variety of vehicles. As a classic vehicle transportation service, Ontime Automotive’s Event Management Team helped in delivering Ford Motor Company vehicles to the show. The vehicles were taken to our preparation facilities in Chelmsford, Essex where we carried out thorough maintenance checks and aided in cleaning, modifying and getting them into top condition, ready to be showcased.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Ford Transit van and in celebration of the milestone, Ford tasked us with painting a Transit van gold for the display. After a complete overhaul, a gleaming golden van featured along four new models – Transit, Transit Custom, Transit Connect and Transit Courier.

Transit vans have proven to be extremely popular since the first model came off the production line in 1965. The first million milestone was reached in 1976. As of March Transit sales are up by 43% at 16497 units per year. If all the Transits sold in the last 50 years were lined up end-to-end they would circle the Earth, and a new model would be bought every 180 seconds during its lifetime.

Elsewhere in the show, sectors were split between WORKSHOP and COOL. The WORKSHOP sector concentrated on the maintenance aspect of the commercial car industry. Visitors were able to see over 100 stands with topics covering replacement parts and workshop equipment. The COOL sector focused on products and vehicles for temperature controlled transport operators. Exhibits featured temperature monitoring equipment, fridge units and all kinds of refrigerated vehicle bodywork.

The Commercial Vehicle show turned out to be a massive success and it enabled truck, van, car and trailer manufacturers to gain insight into emerging industry products.

We felt privileged to be involved with the biggest and best attended road transport event in England. Our golden Transit Van rounded off an exhibition celebrating new models and fresh ideas. Ontime Automative will continue to assist Ford in their endeavours and any other company who wants reliable vehicle transportation.

To get in touch about our event management and vehicle transportation services contact us on 01295770040.

New sponsors and activities help public service students with training


In February, Ontime Automotive helped out Bracknall and Workingham College by using our expertise in enclosed car transportation and transporting a blue Peaugeot 206 to the grounds as part of the ‘Project Response’ initiative, designed to help Uniformed Public Service, Electronics and Mechanics students. With Ontime’s aid they were able to avoid any tax, MOT and insurance issues. Since then the project has flourished with a number of activities and sponsors geared towards the betterment of training and response time.

The vehicle, used for roleplaying purposes to help students deal with emergency situations has been improved significantly. The Thames Valley Police donated £1800 worth of lights and sirens, giving the Mechanics students the opportunity to install them. They added 4 flasher units with wiring to make the head, bumper and tail lights flash. The Electronics department will on be on hand to maintain the circuitry so they can be used for future use.

Uniformed Public Services level 3 second year students have carried out mock searches in the car to find hidden weapons. Students used specialist mirrors to locate several items, including a knife and detonator hidden under the bonnet. With the new upgrades to the vehicle, each role-play has been standardised, meaning every troop has the same opportunities.

On 10th March the Police Cadets entered their 10 week induction, learning first aid, basic law and drilling instructions and at the end of May they’ll complete the induction, receive their uniform and begin the regular training scheme.

Recent interest has come from the Scouts and Guides who want to hold the project’s police meetings at the College later in the year. On the 7th May the College is running a Public Service Careers and Appreciation Day organised by the Uniformed Public Service Department. Services confirmed to attend include the British Transport Police, British Army, Royal Navy and RAF.

Ontime is incredibly happy to see the progress being made. By sponsoring the project and providing enclosed car transportation we have helped to give students a chance to realise their ambitions. We’ll continue to support the College with the intent of helping to mould the next generation of emergency service personnel.

Brackham and Workingham College are looking to raise funds to help put their crest and livery on the car. They also hope to fit equipment to further benefit the students like traffic cones, a breathalyser, first aid kit and police tape. To help the College all you have to do is contact them.

Aspiring Uniformed Public Servants Helped Out By Ontime Automotive


Ontime Automotive recently lent a helping hand to Bracknall and Wokingham College by transporting a car to the college’s grounds to be used as part ‘Project Response’, a long term project benefitting the Uniformed Public Service, Mechanics and Electronics students.

The blue Peugeot 206 is to be used by in training exercises, role-plays and media opportunities by the UPS students as they train to become police officers, paramedics and fire fighters. The mechanics and electronics students will also be given the opportunity to practice carrying out repairs on a working vehicle, ensuring it is safe to drive before the UPS students begin using it.

The car was donated to the college by Cindy and Rob, two local residents who no longer used it. As the car was in a state of disrepair due to a gear box fault and had no Tax, insurance or MOT, it was not able to be driven from Cindy and Rob’s house to the college grounds. As such, Ontime Automotive stepped in and offered to transport it there for free as a gesture of community goodwill.

The vehicle was loaded onto an Ontime Recovery truck and delivered to the college, where it was unloaded and immediately taken to its new home in the Mechanics Bay to begin repairs.

In just a few weeks the vehicle will take part in its first live exercise, being used by level 3 USP students in their ‘Responding to Emergency Incidents’ module, which involves simulating a road traffic accident and responding accordingly.

Training like this ensures that future generations of police officers, paramedics and fire fighters can respond quickly and safely to real life situations once they are fully qualified, which is why Ontime Automotive is extremely proud to be able to offer our assistance to such a project. We are always willing to help support local causes where we can. If you need our help for a similar project, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Bracknall and Wokingham College is also currently looking for sponsorship for the vehicle from local businesses, to fund equipment, markings and items such as flashing lights in order to making the training scenarios as authentic as possible. If you are able to help in any way, get in touch with the college today.

Introducing The New Mercedes AMG GT


There’s no question that the new Mercedes AMG GT is a thing of beauty. Combining unique styling, with a stunning interior and blistering performance, it has to be one of the most desirable sports cars on the market.

The AMG GT holds an outstanding 4.0-litre V8 Biturbo engine which produces 462hp, meaning it can get from 0 to 100km/h in 3.8 seconds. As we said – blistering.

Ontime Automotive have been commissioned by Mercedes to collect the luxury vehicles direct from the Mercedes plant in Germany and deliver them safely to dealerships throughout the UK, utilising Ontime’s highly advanced, fully enclosed luxury car transporter.

With the Mercedes AMG GT boasting a six figure price tag, the German car manufacturer needed assurance that their prestige vehicles were transported to the UK with the upmost of care.

Ontime provide safe and secure vehicle transport to many high profile clients across Europe. If you’d like to make an enquiry or find out more information about luxury car transport then visit our website – or call us on +44 (0)1295 770040.

Image courtesy of Mercedes.

Bringing the Sportiest Ever Bentley to Britain


Before Christmas, we were proud to be the trusted transporter of the hugely anticipated Bentley Continental GT3-R, safely delivering one of these stunning models to every UK dealership.

The fastest accelerator Bentley has ever put on the road; the Continental GT3-R is a production version of their successful track racer and hits 62mph from a standing start in a scarily fast 3.8 seconds.

You’ll have to move almost as quickly if you want to experience that 572hp strength though, with Bentley only building 300 models for lucky purchasers with £237,000 to spare.

Despite all that power, it isn’t their fastest ever road car, clocking in with a top limit of (just) 170mph, as the GT3-R designers seem to have been more concerned with cornering and responsiveness than open-road touring speed.

The four-litre twin turbo V8 engine and eight-speed ZF gearbox ensure that all the speed you could ever possibly need will be instantly available long before you’ve pushed the needle that high anyway.

Even with such muscle, the GT3-R is still unmistakeably a luxury car, built for comfort and refinement as much as racy excitement – making it the perfect type of delivery Ontime Automotive specialises in.

Commenting on the exclusive arrangement with Bentley, Ontime’s Business Development and Sales Manager, David Watkins, commented:

‘To be trusted with delivering such an exciting and exclusive car for a much-valued customer like Bentley is an honour for Ontime.
‘One of the most anticipated cars of the year, from one of the most iconic luxury manufacturers, is always going to be a big event in the automotive calendar.
‘Being able to play a part via dedicated secure delivery to Bentley UK dealerships is a great way to round off an exciting year.’

For more information on our luxury and supercar transporter services, please contact us.

Image courtesy of The Telegraph.

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